1stop Gourmet Shop - 1stopgourmetshop.com Worst company ever!!!!

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1stopgourmetshop.com This shop is the worst online shop i have ever used.

I order a pot rack form this company, they are i the USA and after 6 weeks and several email i never heard back, Finaly i sent an email saying how poor the service was ect,,, nothing too abusive, and i got a reply abusing me!!!!

This is the actual email they sent me.

Robert, We have no idea what you are talking about as you didn't have the intelligence to provide any information like an order number etc. We have checked and there has been no charge to a credit card bearing your name, etc. If you wish to slander us with regard to anything that you are alleging we will happily reciprocate with a lawsuit.

I replyed telling them off because i have sent this information and they replyed

Followed by this

F.Of> you aussie a--hole!

Do not use this company they are dodgy and ***, they dont care about

any thing they will rip you off.

Pissed consumer

Review about: Pot Rack.



I will like you to contact me direct on my email. I have a business proposal to give to your company that will profit you greatly. I await to hear from you soon via my email address.( jonathanwillfill@hotmail.com ), Please get back to me .

Best Regards



I also ordered a wine rack from this company and have not recieved it yet. It has been 3 weeks now. They charged my credit card already. When i emailed them about the wine rack here is their response."That did ship on Sept. 14 and we are trying to track it now as it appears to have been mis-directed.

If it cannot be located by close of business 09/23 we will ship an immediate replacement.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I have since emailed them 3 more times with no response from them at all. :(


Thanks for sharing your information. I certainly won't be using this company.

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